Kentington Resort Coming to Kentington Resort, located in Manzhou Township, each autumn, is like a date with an old friend or you can see it as having a chance to see the eagles!
You should come to Kenting in autumn. When you look up the sky, you will no longer feel a sense of loss.
You will see that the migratory eagles – by the river, perching on poles, ready for take off, or landing – are all in your field of vision, proving you with an amazing view!
You can’t help but admire the sight, stopping momentarily to wait for their next move.
Consider an excursion to Kentington Resort for a change of pace, right now, in the autumn!

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more Sunshine, blue skies and greenery have always been what vacationers love about Southern Taiwan. Kenting’s diverse ecology is a blessing to the area, and therefore, Kentington Resort is the number 1 choice recommended by the Travel King Network and the Kenting Holiday Resort Hotel. Located on a pastureland in Manzhou Township, Kentington Resort is tucked in a serene, lush green forest, far away from the crowded city. It’s surrounded by mountains and often attracts many migratory birds. You can ride a bike (available at Kentington Resort) and meander through the little trail by the small log cabins, while listening to birds chirping and enjoying the cool breeze. You can also hike up to the Bird Watching Pavilion from the hill on the left side of Kentinton Resort and enjoy the vast view. The peak of migratory birds transiting south is around late fall to early winter each year, and brown shrikes and thousands of perching Grey-faced Buzzards can easily be seen at Kentinton Resort. At dusk, you can even see eagles quietly and leisurely flying in the air.

Kentington Resort sits on an area of 40 hectares and has 304 log cabins. A vacation here allows you to embrace nature, enjoy the mountain and forest, and the subtle fragrance of natural wood in your log cabin!

In the log cabin, there are no sounds of traffic, just sounds of nature outside - insects buzzing and birds chirping!
In the log cabin, there is no urban jungle, only beautiful natural scenery outside the window!
Every log cabin sits on grassy lawn shaded by green trees. Everywhere you see outside your window is unique arts of nature. Suddenly, the luxury items in the city seem like an excess burden.
Address No. 205, Zhong-Shan Road, Man-Zhou Village, Man-Zhou Town, Bing-Dong County Telephone 08-8802880
Excellent ranking on Supervision and Evaluation Contest
Opening Hours Opens 24 hours a day all year long
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