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more There are over 100 mini worlds in the Window On World Theme Park. Every little detail, from the number of bricks on the mini buildings to the plants, has the correct proportions. If any of the proportions are wrong, then everything has to be rebuilt. The scale of the miniature buildings is 1/25 of the original size, a proportion that best shows the refined beauty of each architecture. Visitors can now travel around the world to appreciate perfect and realistic architecture from all over the world, and not have to leave Taiwan.

Window On World Theme Park became an indoor theme park in 1993 when they fulfilled their dream of creating a colorful, gorgeous, mysterious, and warm and happy indoor amusement park that can be enjoyed no matter what the weather is. In 2004, the management team conceived a new goal: Create a recreation spot where visitors can stay in one place instead of hopping to various amusement parks to enjoy land and water activities in the hot summer days from day to night. As a result, a number of water play facilities that can be enjoyed by the whole family were gradually introduced. Furthermore, the Jumbo Wave Water Park established in 2008 provides visitors with the ultimate cool and fun water play paradise. It has Asia’s highest - 12-story high – water rollercoaster, children’s most enamored Family Water Castle, Thunderstorm, Nile Beach, Baby Captain and Water Mania, a water maze imported and produced by White Water of Canada. All of these facilities satisfy children and adults and provide a fun and safe place for families to have fun during their vacation time. In 2014, the Fun Ball Battle was establishing, featuring a fun-generating space designed by the creators of the popular Legoland resort in North America. The spacious interactive indoor space provides a spot for families to have fun regardless of weather conditions. There are also four wonderful playhouses available. Elderly visitors can take advantage of this space to take a rest! Window On World Theme Park is definitely your first choice for a family vacation.
Address No. 891, Gaoyuan Rd., Longtan Township, Taoyuan County 325, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Telephone 03-4717211
Web https://www.wow.com.tw/
Premium ranking on Supervision and Evaluation ContestPremium ranking on Supervision and Evaluation Contest Environmental Education Facility certificateEnvironmental Education Facility certificate
Green Building certificateGreen Building certificate
Opening Hours Mon-Fri:9:00-16:30
Traffic guide https://www.wow.com.tw/en/about/traffic.aspx?kind=54
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Entire Amusement In Taiwan

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