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more Original King of the Forest Theme
Bada Forest Paradise is made up of 8 mysterious fantasies of the forest.
There is a powerful and capable Forest King who protects all the inhabitants of the forest. He solves everyone’s difficulties and helps them attain their dreams.
To test the will of the brave and increase their strength, the Forest King and the 8 tribes of forest inhabitants have provided many layers of checkpoints to challenge the brave! Each forest tribe has their respective chieftain, and as long as you pass their challenges, you will support the Forest King’s efforts to defeat the evil magician crocodile. We invite you to enter Forest King’s world and embark on the dream of becoming the king of the forest!

The Forest King Challenge
The forest is full of joy, competition, puzzles and ecology. How would you use the Booty Checkpoint Map to overcome your challenges, gain confidence and reach your goal? You can demonstrate your courage through fun activities! Let’s go! Let’s push our limits and become the Forest King!

Forest King’s Happy Celebration
The petite and lovable grass family is the happiest group in the forest. They love to spread their happiness to all the inhabitants of the forest. Cole, leader of the grass family, always brings many wonderful performances to the forest, healing everyone’s body and mind, and filling the air with positive, happy energy!

1. Forest Adventure – The annual Forest King celebration presents wonderful high-altitude stunts to thank the forest warriors who fight hard to defeat the evil crocodile.
2. Forest Elfs – The 8 chieftains of the forest show up in the forest periodically. They will help you challenge the evil magician crocodile and pass on their fighting techniques to help you become the next Forest King.
3. Joyful Activities – The chieftains will show the warriors their tribe’s secrets and treasures, and help them gain strength and techniques in order to defeat the crocodile. You’ll be kicking and punching your way to find the treasures in this fantasy forest.

Forest King’s Happy Features
1. Mahogany Forest – These are the trees of the Forest King. Grandpa Oude will accompany you to explore the beauty of the forest and enjoy the fresh air.
2. Shuisheng Valley – This is where Forest King’s flowers grow. Let Alice Rose tell you about the stories of the flowers here.
3. Deer Forest – This is where Forest King’s animal tribes live, and the home of King Max the Deer is here. You can enjoy a meal among the animals.
4. Rainforest Hall – This is where King Forest’s fish live. Enter Tiger Shark Babylon’s home and explore some marvelous creatures.
5. Butterfly Garden – This is where King Forest’s insects live. Listen to Butterfly Audrey account the struggling stories of the insects, and enjoy the fluttering, dancing butterflies.
6. Peacock Forest – This is where King Forest’s bird tribe, overseen by the noble and gorgeous Peacock Blues, live. The elegant Peacock Blues invites you to soak in the warmth of Peacock Forest.
7. Camping & Star-gazing – Spent a night in Forest King’s wooden tent, listen to the insects buzzing happily, and experience and enjoy Grandpa Oude’s display of star-shining magic!
8. Little Elf Amusement Park – This is where Forest King’s human tribe lives. Little Elf Pipi invites all the warriors of the forest to relax and have some fun family time together.

Forest King’s Happy Feast
1. Yundong Forest Restaurant – Here is where you’ll find the most delicious foods in the forest. Grandpa Oude highly recommends the Jingfan set meal for the forest warriors to enjoy.
2. Forest Banquet – This is where the forest warriors have a feast. Each tribe’s chieftains will present an energy dish to restore energy. They are appetizing and delicious.
3. BBQ Valley – This is where all the tribes in the forest celebrate. It’s great for large groups and company gatherings! (For reservations, please call 08-7898822)

Forest King’s Romantic Weddings
1. Shuisheng Valley Wedding Hall – This is forest-lovers’ most desirable place. You will have a lifelong blessing if you hold your wedding here!
2. Romantic Wedding Witness Site – You can have a touching forest wedding ceremony, passionate Southeast Asia style wedding, or a romantic European style wedding here. You will be forever in love with Grandpa Oude as your witness!
Address No. 800, Chaojhou Rd, Chaojhou Township, Pingtung County 92055, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Telephone 08-7898822
Opening Hours 8:30~17:00
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