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more Sun-Link-Sea Forest and Nature Resort in Nantou offers nature’s amazing works of art. Everywhere you turn, you’ll see wondrous natural scenery such as a Yan’an Waterfall cascading down layers of rocks, Heaven and Earth Eyes (two holes in a rock wall), Anding Bay surrounded by cliffs, and a thousand year-old sacred tree. Sun-Link-Sea also has flowers and animals – thousands of Holland tulips, white and red pigeons, purplish red and white wild cabbage, and Forsythias – creating a sea of flowers in the park. The dazzling sea of peonies is definitely a feast for the eyes. Everywhere you turn you will be mesmerized by the beauty and charm in the park.
Address No. 6, Sishan Rd, Da-an Neighborhood, Jhushan Township, Nantou County 557, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Telephone 049-2611211
Web http://www.goto307.com.tw/en/
Premium ranking on Supervision and Evaluation ContestPremium ranking on Supervision and Evaluation Contest Environmental Education Facility certificateEnvironmental Education Facility certificate
Opening Hours 24Hours
Traffic guide http://www.goto307.com.tw/en/location/
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Entire Amusement In Taiwan

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