West Lake Resortopia West Lake Resortopia is located in the culturally rich Sanyi Township in Miaoli County. The 60 hectares of space contains rich and diverse ecological resources. Among them, Tung blossoms, butterflies and fireflies (known as the Three Treasures of West Lake) can be seen from late spring to early summer. The May Tung blossoms, colorful butterflies, and stunning sparkling fireflies, combined with environmental education programs, multimedia exhibition and DIY activities make this the ultimate edutainment spot! In addition, the park has committed to maintaining a friendly environment and implementing the “Go Green” effort in recent years, which has earned recognition from the Executive Branch as “Environmental Education Facility” and “Gold Rank Green Hotel”. Besides having this environmental education center, the nearby attractions, such as the popular tourism factories and safe and delicious local cuisines make West Lake Resortopia the starting point to experience the lovely Miaoli County.

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more Famous for the May Tung Blossom Festival, West Lake Resortopia is the only theme park in Asia based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. The park is close to Provincial Highway (Zhongshan Highway) Sanyi Interchange and transportation is convenient. It has recreational and dining facilities, along with accommodations and other services. The European style garden features amiable Andersen fairy tale scenes, unique cuisines created by a team led by a banquet chef, serene guestrooms in natural forest settings, rich and natural ecology, wood carving art pieces and Hakka cultural displays. Adults and children will want to escape from the big city and come to West Lake Resortopia to get closer to nature! The May Tung Blossom Festival takes place from the late spring to the early summer each year, and boasts beautiful Tung flower blossoms everywhere. The interesting themes and activities are enticing and the setting provides a great spot to enjoy and learn about Tung blossoms. In addition, the Andersen Fairy Tale Theater combines drama, dancing and special effects to produce shows that are love by all age groups.
Address No. 11, Sihu, Sihu Village, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County 367, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Telephone 037-876699
Premium ranking on Supervision and Evaluation Contest Environmental Education Facility certificate
Muslim-friendly Restaurant
Opening Hours 09:00 – 17:00
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Accomodations Restaurant Hot Spring

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