more The gentle breeze and fresh air in Dalukuan make it a great place for us to enjoy Mt. Dawu’s warm and vibrant sunshine.
The vitality of the sun makes us strong, and the mesona herbs continue to show their tenacious nature.
Let us fall in the embrace of sunshine, and feel its unparalleled vitality.
Flowers and trees are ever changing with their grace in every season. Taiwan Date Palms, one of the four trees endemic to Taiwan, still stand tall, showing their strong vitality, though they’ve seen various changes in natural conditions for many years.
The blue sky above the waterpark takes away all your worries and fatigue.
Address No. 188 Chung-Cheng Road,Guang-Xing Village, Kao-Shu Town, Ping-Tung County Telephone 08-795-8811
Opening Hours •Mon-Fri: 09:00am~05:30pm
•Sat/Sun/Holidays: 08:30 ~ 18:00
•Winter(Dec/Jan): 09:00~ 17:00
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