more E-Da Theme Park is the only Greek-inspired theme park in Taiwan with extensive recreational facilities. Located in the outdoor area are the 55-meter high “Sky & Earth Spin” and “Fly Over Aegean Sea” that has a 33-meter drop, and two indoor haunted houses – “5D Ghost Ship”. You will experience exhilaration like never before in these rides!

Modeled after ancient Greek temples, the Acropolis is located in the park’s E-Da Royal Theater. It’s the only large professional theater in Taiwan that’s comparable to the national theater. There are 1800 luxury seats in the auditorium. During the day, the theater has excellent 30-minute shows featuring a grand parade, amazing stunts and superb dance performances.

Santorini Mountain City
Realistic scenes of the historic Greek mountain are created to completely model the gorgeous blue and white scenery of Santorini Island. Various theme shops and restaurants are spread throughout to give visitors an experience of the beautiful, exotic Greek Island. The 2F popular 5D Ghost Ship, created by Hollywood’s professionals, costs millions of NT to build. The 12 horror themes and realistic setting enhanced by the 3D glasses will give you a thoroughly frightening experience.

Trojan Castle
Based on the historic scenes of the Trojan Horse of Troy, this theme room covers 49,590 square meters, and is the largest indoor family recreation room in Taiwan. The indoor setting allows you to have fun regardless of weather conditions. The indoor area also has a Halloween Haunted House, a simulated aircraft flying over Taiwan, a “dark” roller coaster and many other unique recreational facilities.

E-Da Ferris Wheel
Elevated 215 meters above sea level, the E-Da Ferris Wheel is the highest Ferris wheel in Taiwan. The air-conditioned carriages provide comfort as you overlook the vast, beautiful Kaohsiung scenery. At nighttime, the dazzling lights are a treat for the whole family.
Address No.10, Sec. 1, Xuecheng Rd., Dashu Dist., Kaohsiung City 840, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Telephone 0800-588-887
Web http://www.edaworld.com.tw/en/
Premium ranking on Supervision and Evaluation ContestPremium ranking on Supervision and Evaluation Contest
Muslim-friendly RestaurantMuslim-friendly Restaurant
Opening Hours Normal Business Hours:
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM (E-Da Ferris Wheel outside E-Da Theme Park: 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM)

Traffic guide http://www.edaworld.com.tw/en/direction.aspx
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