more Yun Hsien Resort was the first amusement park in Taiwan. The only way to get to the resort is to take the cable car that can accommodate up to 90 people. The resort has a hotel, restaurant, villa, a lake for boating, walking trails, mountain training course and an indigenous outdoor performance area. The numerous streams and waterfalls in the area make Yun Hsien Resort the tourist attraction with the cleanest and freshest air in Wulai. Located approximately 27 kilometers southeast of Taipei, Wulai is the only mountain town in New Taipei City. The area is covered with lush green trees, clear streams and tall mountains. The top of the famous Wulai Waterfall is a picturesque view of lakes and mountains, ancient trees towering to the skies, and trees caressed by clouds and mists. The sights and sounds of butterflies and cicadas add to the picture perfect image of paradise. However, due to the cliffs on Nanshi River that separate this beautiful area, visitors were originally unable to enjoy the beautiful views. As a result, the cable car was built, and the naturally beautiful landscape can now be fully appreciated when you take the cable car ride. Due to the changing natural beautiful scenery in each season that evoke the sense of paradise, hence the name “Yun Hsien Resort” (meaning a paradise with celestial beings floating in clouds).

Yun Hsien Resort – A Kingdom of Ferns

Although located at an elevation of only 500 meters above sea level, Yun Hsien Resort is in a foggy area, and therefore ferns that are common and rare flourish here, making this area a treasured ecosystem. Currently, there are 140 recorded species of ferns in Yun Hsien Resort. It’s possible that there are some undiscovered varieties waiting to be identified. The resort puts their natural fern resources to good use and has provided 3 walking trails for visitors to observe the rich plant life. Besides ferns, Yun Hsien Resort also introduces different eco themes each month, including viewings of wild orchids, birds, cherry blossoms, fireflies, frogs and insects. The activities are varied and interesting, especially from May 1st to 31st during the firefly season.
Address No. 1-1, Pubu Rd. Wulai Li, Wulai Dist., New Taipei City Telephone 02-2661-6009
Web http://www.yun-hsien.com.tw/webe/html/about/index.aspx
Excellent ranking on Supervision and Evaluation ContestExcellent ranking on Supervision and Evaluation Contest Environmental Education Facility certificateEnvironmental Education Facility certificate
Opening Hours 9:00~17:00
Traffic guide http://www.yun-hsien.com.tw/webe/images/information/map.jpg
AccomodationsAccomodations RestaurantRestaurant

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